Cooking class with chef

Come to discover the backstage of the restaurant En Marge the time of a day in cooking with the chef in a fun and convivial atmosphere !

In the program ...

Starting at 9 am, you will be greeted by Chef Frank Renimel with a coffee - he will then expose the day and the daily life of a cook brigade at Restaurant En Marge.

Reception of products and merchandise necessary for the realization of the dishes of the day.

"Set up" the menu and menu items with cooks and confectioners.

Around 10 am, a break with the chef who will exchange about your taste for cooking and chef's work.

Then the chef will suggest you to work on the design of a recipe ...

At noon, the service can begin ...

A tasting of some wines selected by our chef Sommelier Benoit F. will allow you to initiate or confirm your wine knowledge.

A lunch in the kitchen will be proposed with a menu (starter, main course and dessert) where you will discover the signature dishes of the chef.

250 € TTC

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